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Brief profile of Terry Wilcox, candidate for Mayor of Doncaster.

Although now retired I am still active as a School Governor at Branton St Wilfrids and Finningley Church of England Schools. I am married to Mary and have four grown up children, Katherine, Lesley, Susan and Terry junior. I have three grandchildren Karl, Thomas and Hollie. I was born at the Montague Hospital in Mexborough and raised in Denaby Main. I was educated at Mexborough Grammar School.

After leaving school I worked at Cadeby Colliery as a Collier, Shotfirer and Deputy. At 26 years of age I joined the West Riding of Yorkshire Police Force and served for ten years during which I passed Police promotion exams up to the rank of Inspector. After leaving the Police force I returned to mining and worked at Armthorpe Colliery as a Face Worker until being made redundant in 1986. During my working life I have taken many further education courses including a three year day release course at Sheffield University studying economics, sociology, and politics. I have also had other varied jobs during my working life. I consider that my widest education comes from the university of life. Never mind the 'isms' or 'ists', my stand is very basic 'JUSTICE AND EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL'. I have no hang ups, will listen to anyone, and I always try to apply a large dose of common sense. I have come to believe that the system of governance we have is flawed. Good ideas are not limited to any one political party. Every party has members with good and bad ideas. We have a Political system where one party or group takes command, and then spends the rest of their time trying to prove that they are always right. The opposition rubbish's them at every opportunity. Worse still, woe betide any one who steps outside the party line, for whatever reason. The party line is only made up of people, and is usually a compromise, and it should be remembered that people are fallible. Unfortunately too many people become councillors or MP's just to be that and proceed with their own personal ambitions being careful not to upset anyone who they think may hold the key to their advancement. They are what I refer to as Professional politicians and opportunists. I do accept that many are honourable, but once on the ladder some become tainted by power. To my mind a Mayor elected by the public, must be independent of mind and a leader in the true sense. They must be able to select a cabinet of his or her choice to include the best talent available from the elected councillors and get on with the job of looking after Doncaster and its people. A Mayor working for the people and given goodwill and support can do great things to the benefit of all. With regard to my campaign. It will not be negative. In other words I will not denigrate the other candidates. I assume they all have good intentions. My priorities on winning the election would be fairly simple, and I have reason to think that they are achievable. Doncaster must be cleaned up in every sense. It is absolutely vital that our youth should be able to have their pleasures in our towns and villages without the scourge of drugs and violence. All our citizens should be able to live their lives without fear. I have campaigned for the airport at Finningley for many years, the Public Inquiry is over and the Inspector will be reporting to the Secretary of State by October of this year. We need the result quickly and should not have to wait another year for the decision. I am in favour of environmentally sustainable development and resent the fact that pressure groups pretend they have a monopoly of what is sustainable, or right.

To sum up, I am not anti any candidate in this election. Do the people of Doncaster want things to remain as they are or do they want a new and exciting start? My main interest is education in its widest sense, from cradle to grave. This is the key to equality of opportunity for all. It enables people to decide what they want, and gives them the ability to achieve it. I strongly believe in the ethos of public service and the commitment of our public service employees to deliver it. It was once said to me 'when you pay peanuts you can expect monkeys', the statement may be correct but rewards must mean that quality service is delivered. It is also said 'it doesn't matter who you vote for, once they get in they're all the same'. It doesn't have to be like that. Give me the opportunity to make a difference.

Have you ever been in the situation where you approached a good local councillor with a problem, and they couldn't help, mainly because of having to follow a particular party policy. This should not happen, common sense should apply. All problems are individual and should be dealt with as such.

My history as a community campaigner includes the following:
Represented local parish councils and gave evidence against the toxic waste site at Kirk Sandall.

Led the campaign against a prison on the RAF Finningley site.

Started and led the campaign for a commercial airport at RAF Finningley.

There has been and will be much more, including more facilities at Doncaster Royal Infirmary and particularly a facility for renal dialysis.

Prepared by election agent and candidate.
T. Wilcox 12 Moor View Branton Doncaster DN3 3NE
Tel: 01302 532692

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