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Mayor of Doncaster election 2002

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why two votes for one Mayor?
So that you can say who would be your second choice for Mayor if your favorite does not win.

2. How do I mark my vote?

In the usual way with a single X in the columns indicated.

You have 2 votes in all - for your first and second choice of someone to be Mayor.

3. What happens if I don't make a second choice ?
Your first choice will still be counted

4. I don't really like any of the candidates. What happens if I only mark a second choice?
Your vote will not be counted because no-one will know which was your favorite candidate.

5. What if I put 1 and 2 on the Mayor's paper for my first and second vote?
Your vote may not be counted because the Returning Officer may not understand what you mean.

6. Why are there emblems (logos) here?
They help people identify the candidate or party they want to vote for: Some voters have poor eye sight or cannot read well.

7. Why has every voter in the household been sent a booklet, it seems a waste of money.
The Law says that everyone registered must be sent their own copy so that they get a chance to see one.

8. Why hasn't the new system been explained to people properly?
There has been a lot of coverage about it in the local media. I am sorry if all this publicity has not managed to reach you. This booklet is intended to explain the way the system works, if you would like to read it before you vote.

9. Who can I complain to about this system?
If you want to complain about how a Polling Station was run or how the local election is being conducted, please write to Electoral Services at Copley House, Waterdale, Doncaster.

If your complaint is about the new voting system, you should write to your local MP.

10. Why are you writing my elector number on the counterfoil? That way you can tell which ballot paper I had.
The counterfoils can only be examined if a Court orders it. This will only be done if there are doubts about whether or not the election has been honestly run and your number will not be matched up to your name.

11. I have forgotten my poll card. Can I still vote?
Yes, just give the staff at the Polling station allocated to you.. Staff there will have your name on the register.

12. I live just around the corner and this Voting Station is closer. Why can't I vote there?
You have to vote at the Polling Station allocated to you. Staff there will have your name on the register.

13. Can I vote for my wife/husband because she/he is ill?
No. I am sorry. People can only vote for themselves unless they have made prior arrangements to vote as a proxy for someone.

14. I have just moved to the area. Can I vote here?
Not unless you are on the register. But if you are on the register at your old address, you could vote there.

15. I forgot to post my postal vote. Can I take it along to the Polling Station?
Yes. It can be handed into any Polling Station within the area. Staff there will see that it gets to the count safely.

16. I have received a poll card for a relative who has passed away.
I am sorry but the Registration Officer would not have known that. Please accept our apologies for any distress we may have caused.

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