Mayoral Election Information  

Brief profile of Shafiq Khan, candidate for Mayor of Doncaster.

I have lived in Doncaster for 42 years and taught in local schools
before taking up headships in two Sheffield Schools.

I was educated at the University of Leeds, University of Wales.

I took early retirement in 1996 and since then have been
devoting more of my time to raising issues facing deprived areas in Doncaster.
I am a keen supporter of the fair representation of women
and equal rights for ethnic minorities.

I believe that the rights of the disabled people are undermined
(people in wheel-chairs, deaf, sight impaired) in the local government.

I have been married to my wife June, for 37 years, live in Branton
and have two daughters and three grandchildren.

Shafiq Khan bases his candidacy on four key points

1. Placing the 'Green' agenda at the heart of Doncaster's new governance, including radical changes to the way we travel and cleaning up the town to help restore civic pride.

2. Changing the way local services are delivered, from a 'we know best' policy to one of 'tell us what you need'.

3. Making sure that 'D' in Doncaster stands for Democracy, real democracy.

4. Defeating the Labour Party candidate-because the local Labour Party has brought shame on Doncaster. It's time for change. A very long period in power has made it lose its way.

Mr. Khan, a newcomer to local politics, vows to fight for a better future for Doncaster by making a break with its recent history of sleaze, and forging ahead with a new era of openness, involvement of local people and an ambitious agenda to transform the town's fortunes and make it a place its people can be proud of.

"I was brought up with a sense of the importance of community, and so have served others all my life. It also got me interested in politics from an early age - I studied politics and history at universities and taught it - but I never considered standing for election."

" I feel that by voting 'yes' for an Elected Mayor, we have quite rightly given the local Labour Party a bloody nose - and now it's time to finish things off, so that Labour don't hijack the job, which the people of Doncaster have created."

" I have years of management experience and proven ability to steer Doncaster forward: make a break with its recent grubby past and create a town, which will attract investment, look after its own, care for its environment and become renowned for its democratic practices - all by listening to those who know best … the people of Doncaster."

" In essence, a fair deal for all. Together, we can make a difference."

" I aim to have an all-inclusive administration, with all political views included."

Only a commitment to serve all the people and the ability to do so will count.


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