Mayoral Election Information  

Brief profile of Michael Maye, candidate for Mayor of Doncaster.

Introduction and key points from Michael Maye.

I am standing as an independant candidate becuase I believe the office of Mayor should not br controlled by any political party. We are in need of a change. I will bring about that change. I will concentrate solely on working for the best interests of the people of Doncaster and its surrounding towns and villages. From Norton to Bawtry and Mexborough to Thorne, I will serve you all.

Local government must be open, transparent and encompass all of the people. I give a firm commitment to carry out the wishes of the people and not use the position of Mayor for any political, personal or finantial gain. I will act as advocate for the Borough of Doncaster on all issues.

I will take the lead to encourge a feeling of pride in our towns and communities and promote a sense of commuinity responsibility.

As Mayor I will:

a) Be fully accountable for my actions and accessible to the people at all times.

b) Pursue only policies that are in the best interest of electorite.

Maye in action for Doncaster...

Arts & Culture - Doncaster is rightly proud of its heritage and history. I will encourage people to take full advantage of the facilities offered and look at additional ways to promote the arts and culture in our communities.

Business - I will promote local business and industry and make Doncaster attractive to new businesses looking to relocate to our towns and villages. This will increase the employment opportunites for people living in the Borough.

Crime - People have a right to feel safe on the streets and in their homes. I will demand more police officers on the beat and look at new ideas and initiatives to reduce the fear and cost of crime. I will lead the drive to put an end to the drugs menace that brings so much missery into our communities.

Education - Our children are our future. I will work towards providing the best schools and equipment for our children to achieve their full potential. I want to make our schools the best in the country.

Sports - Everyone should have access to modern facilities and sports centres. I will seek funding for local clubs and associations, many of which are run by volunteers. A new multi-purpose stadium is a priority for Doncaster.

Transport - The lifeblood of our towns and villages. I will encourage the use of quality public transport, but understand that people have a right to choose how they travel and use thier vehicles. We need parking that is affordable and convenient for people who work in and visit our towns. I will work towards achieveing a solution.

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