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Brief profile of Jessie Credland, candidate for Mayor of Doncaster.

VOTE FOR JESSIE CREDLAND for a mayor who will bring honesty and openness to Doncaster Council

Shame was brought upon all of us by the activities of some members of Doncaster Council. Like you I watched as our town and villages deteriorated, whilst unscrupulous councilors used our money for their benefit. I felt sp strongly about the matter that three years ago I successfully stood as a DMBC councilor.
Now you, the people, have encouraged me to stand for election as your Mayor. If elected to this position I would work openly, to lead Doncaster forward and help it regain the respect it once enjoyed.

HONESTY and OPENNESS - would be the foundation stones of my term of office. I would not tolerate any form of behaviour that seeks to line the pockets of individuals who have been elected to represent the people of Doncaster.
I would release Doncaster from its one-party stranglehold by putting a fairer cross-party cabinet in place.


- Keep Council tax as low as possible.
- Cut down on waste on the council.
- Protect our Countryside
- Avoid any further white elephant developments

THE COUNCIL HAS MANY PLANS IN THE PIPELINE BUT HAVE THEY GOT THEM RIGHT or will it be the Ratepayers who have to foot the bill for their mistakes?


- BETTER HOUSING With Council houses brought up to a higher standard.
- BETTER EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES. We cannot rely solely on Finningley Airport. We need definite jobs not promises that may not be fulfilled.
- TO GIVE MORE HELP TO THE ELDERLY AND DISABLED. Without the ever increasing charges.
- TO IMPROVE LAW AND ORDER. In order to make our streets safer for honest citizens.
- TO IMPROVE PUBLIC TRANSPORT. To encourage the public to use it. Wherever possible. ADEQUATE CAR PARKING. Otherwise people will shop elsewhere.

Working with other independent Councillors I have:
Supported the miners of Hatfield Colliery and helped to kick-start the action that saved their colliery from closure.
Marched with the market traders to save the market.
Supported the campaign to save Hatfield Moor.
Spoken out against planning application for Manor Farm Bessacarr.
Campaigned against the landfill site at Carcroft.
Campaigned against the clinical waste plants at Rossington and Stainforth.
Attended the High Court in London in a protest against the closure of old peoples homes in Edlington and Thorne.
Campaigned against the loss of deputy wardens.
I will carry on working for the people of Doncaster and with the people of Doncaster.
Jessie Credland

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