Mayoral Election Information  

Brief profile of Andrew Burden, candidate for Mayor of Doncaster.

Crime, Education, Re-Generation & Civic Pride.

Why you should elect Andrew Burden for Mayor.

Andrew Burden is a local family man with two young children who runs his own business and wants to devote his time to making things better for the people of Doncaster Borough.

My Priorities are YOUR Priorities....

"Cutting petty crime and violence not only in the Town Centre, but in the surrounding Villages and Towns by working closely with the local Police to put more Police Officers where they can be seen and by increasing the use of CCTV coverage."

"I will run an open administration free from corruption. A cross party cabinet will help to ensure that none of the excesses that have dogged the previous council will happen again."

"I will bring a new pride to Doncaster, top class facilities for Sport, Culture and Transport will be actively promoted, though not at the expense of Education or Social Services. I will seek funding for these facilities from the private sector. I will make the tidying of litter and Graffiti throughout the Borough a priority."

"I will actively promote Business in Doncaster to help create jobs and opportunities. By consulting with local Schools and Colleges, I will make sure that they provide courses with the correct skills mix to ensure our citizens have the right qualifications for future jobs. I am keen to see that Doncaster College achieves University Status at the earliest opportunity."

"The future of Doncaster is important to me. A safe, clean, vibrant Doncaster benefits everyone. I am not one of the political class in Doncaster. I want to be Mayor because I can make a difference."

"If you normally vote Labour, but are ashamed of the councils antics, Ashamed of how squalid they have made Doncaster appear to the rest of the Country, at least give me your second vote as a protest."

"It doesn’t matter which party you normally support or even if you don’t normally vote. On May 2nd YOU have a chance to elect someone who will work for all of Doncaster."

I am 44 years old, I was born in Lincoln the 2nd son of an Royal Air Force Officer. I moved around a lot in my early years, both abroad and in this country.

I finally came to Doncaster! I attended Doncaster Grammar School, as was, before entering the world of work.

I have worked all over the country, though have always kept a base in Doncaster, mainly in the commercial finance industry.

For the last ten years I have run 2 of my own businesses, one supplies computers, networks and services to industry and education. The other specialises in raising funds for business and local authorities.

Our client list ranges from the small engineering firm to premiership football clubs to Borough Councils.

I am married to Jennifer and we have two young children. 4 & 8 years old.

My hobbies are keeping fit, I run half-marathons and marathons. Rugby Union only watching now sadly. I am also a qualified pilot and fly as often as I can

The reasons people should vote for me are: "I will bring balance to what is likely to be a Labour dominated council. I will bring focus and commercial expertise to the critical decisions that face the authority in the coming years. I will listen to the people and aim to bring them honest open
local government"

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