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James Cousins was born in the area and lived here until going up the University of Durham where he studied law. Graduating in 1996 he moved to London where he has worked as a financial analyst in a number of leading City banks.

Since 1998 he has served as a councillor in the London Borough of Wandsworth.

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He believes that one of the Conservatives core policies of low taxation, allowing people as much freedom as possible with their own money, is crucial in an area like Grimsby.


At the age of 27, James Cousins is one of the youngest candidates in the country.
Having grown up in the local area, he studied law at Durham University before moving to London to start a career in banking.
He became involved in politics at the age of 16 when he joined the Conservative Party and worked as a campaign aid in the 1992 elections when Michael Brown was elected as MP for Brigg and Cleethorpes.
At University he was involved in student politics when he tried to form a rational approach to the student loan issue, and when president of the student union.
He then became involved politically in Battersea, south London, where he was campaign director for a constituency in the 1997 general elections and became a ward councillor in 1998 in Wandsworth.
In that capacity, he has been vice chairman of the social services committee since 1999, typically dealing with housing and benefit-related problems.
The candidates sees Grimsby as his home and his father Jim Cousins and older brother and sister remain in the area.
In his spare time he is an avid reader, and an occasional footballer and enjoys softball in the summer.
From The Grimsby Evening Telegraph 23 May 2001