Elections Division - Privacy Policy

Protecting privacy is a vital part of any election system, especially on the web, and we have developed a system of how to deal with visitor information given or collected by the site.

You will need to give us information to allow you to offer your services to R.A Bellamy or the candidates, donate or ask questions of the candidates, for instance. There may be other instances that might occur that are not obvious at the moment.

Firstly we have developed and maintain strict privacy policies and use the latest established technologies to secure all our systems concerned with the confidential elements of elections.

You may safely browse our site / s without divulging your personal data and no information will be collected from your browser.

All communications between visitors that come through the site are arranged through R.A Bellamy and not directly.

Our sites do NOT use "cookies" to collect information.

Any links from our site/s are to known organisations or individuals and whilst we cannot guarantee that the other service providers will not collect personal data about visits to linked sites, we have asked them to ensure that these links will not be used for collecting personal data.

" We do not sell, offer or rent voter information to any third party. All voter information is used solely for the purposes of the election.

General statistics about voter information - i.e. total numbers of voters in a given election will be used and disclosed for marketing and promotional purposes but no individuals information will be distributed.
Obviously visitor information will be distributed internally within our organisation to enable us to carry out our task but strict measures of all sensitive information are in place.

R.A Bellamy or their authorised agents may use visitor information to assist in any investigation of improper use of the site or the information therein.

Children Privacy

R.A Bellamy has registered the electionuk.org site as "child friendly - educational" with ICRA except for the chat room pages that we have placed under a "health warning" and marked accordingly under the ICRA scheme.

ICRA - The Internet Content Rating Association see www.ICRA.org
The Internet Content Rating Association is an international, independent organization that empowers the public, especially parents, to make informed decisions about electronic media by means of the open and objective labelling of content. ICRA's dual aims are to:

" Protect children from potentially harmful material; and,
" To protect free speech on the Internet.

If you are a voter, customer, or potential customer with concerns about the R.A Bellamy's Election privacy policy or its implementation you may contact us on +44 (0) 1472 580 708 or send email us elections@electionsuk.org Revision Edition 2 - 23rd January 2006