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Dear Resident,

As I have gone around meeting many people - especially older people - over the past few months, I am reminded of what our great Liberal PM said how badly our pensioners have been treated in recent years.

I believe older people, and when needed those who care for them, deserve a better deal.

Liberal Democrats will:
-Increase the basic pension by a further £5 per week, or £10 for the over 75's & £15 for over 80's. Pensions for couples will be £8, £18 or £28.

-Introduce free long personal care for the elderly throughout the UK and abolish means testing.

-On top of the government's plans, recruit a further 2000 police officers to ensure there is a real increase in police strength. Also fund 2000 part time community officers by creating a new category of police officers.

-Invest more in the NHS to cut waiting times by training more doctors and nurses. Scrap charges for eye and dental check ups.

Liberal Democrats will pay for these measures by raising the rate of tax from 40% to 50% for individuals earning over £100,000 per year.

Labour now boast that they are being financed, like the Tories, by millionaires and not surprisingly they do not support our plans to increase taxes for those who can afford to pay more to finance essential additional investment in pensions, health and policing.
I know from listening to the views of many local people in our community that there is widespread disappointment with the performance of North East Lincolnshire Council and the national Labour run government. I can assure you that I will continue to speak out on issues that affect you.
If you would like to help me and the Liberal Democrats win in Grimsby, I would very much like to hear from you.
Please e-mail me with your contact details.