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European 'monster' could cost us dear

Mrs Janet E Hatton (United Kingdom Independence Party, Cleethorpes) -
Adoption speech:

The European Union fills my heart with foreboding and fear as we move closer towards a Federal State.
We entered the Common Market in June 1975 trusting our politicians to seek to foster the free markets they promised. Slowly, this 'EU Monster' has overridden our everyday lives and continues to consume huge amounts of money to keep itself in absolute power in Brussels.
The European Commission constantly treats us as ignorant peasants, as they strive to deceive the ordinary people by lying and deceit to complete their domination of the whole of Europe - United Kingdom included.
This European Union monster is costing the British taxpayer £210-million per month. These vast amounts if released back into the country, would immediately solve the cash crisis in the NHS, education, social services, elderly care/pensions, road/rail improvements, flood defences to name but a few.
We are not ignorant, impotent peasants, but an educated, hard-working people and powerful force. Make a protest on Thursday June 7 - vote for the United Kingdom Independence Party - we can make a difference.