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NWRA Impartial Referendum Project by Electoral Education Ltd



The plan here is to assemble all the views on the issues identified on the website library.
Each side will be offered pages to enter their “marketing” information. Groups on the YES and NO sides with their own interactive information pages, audio comments and links.

This would be for views promoted by that particular side that are not necessarily accepted as facts by their opponents. Within the normal realms of decency and legality, any view can be floated here.

In addition to this there will be Impartial Pages – showing the issues, as they develop, identified by the opposing points of view and the public at large with replies and justifications to support the issues.
These issues and responses would be monitored to ensure that only those comments that were fact, agreed or able to be substantiated would be included here.

Contact has been made with the Talking Newspaper Association to see if we can link up the ElectionsUK audio clips and package them to offer to their blind and partially sited clients.

Non English speakers will be catered for where possible and the material be made available to assist integration into our democratic processes for new arrivals to the region.

Closer to the Referendum vote, a decision will be made whether to arrange for a printed summary of the agreed issues could be posted to every household in the region or included in newspapers.

ElectionsUK and YOUGOV are working together to produce valid local “YOURVOICE” polling both online and by other means, as YOUGOV did in Baghdad shortly after the “end” of main hostilities. Any part of the poll carried out manually would be converted by ElectionsUK / YOUGOV / Democratic Services staff to be put online. This would allow the full YOUGOV systems to get the correct demographics included and produce a very quick result. A series of these could be carried out identifying the opinions in the different parts of the region as well as the whole. The questions will be agreed by YES & NO sides to minimise accusations of bias.
These polls can be analyzed by age, profile and locality.


Regional Referendum for North West to decide whether to have an "Elected Regional Assembly.
The University of Hull "We have detected no political bias. In our view, The Service offered has been scrupously fair and consistant"
Professor The Lord Norton,
The Northwest Development Agency is responsible for the sustainable economic development and regeneration of England's Northwest and has 5 key priorities: Business Development, Regeneration, Skills & Employment, Infrastructure and Image.
NWRA represent the views of all their stakeholders in the region and promote their interests at a regional strategic level within the North West Regional Assembly.
The views expressed with the external links of this website are for your information only. They are not the views of Elections UK