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NWRA Impartial Referendum Project by Electoral Education Ltd


Debates around the issues raised would be held at Regional, Sub regional/County level and local levels to allow the public to know what their leaders think of the proposals.

ElectionsUK, as an impartial provider, has prepared and tested a structure on how these debates might be run and will co-sponsor any properly constituted debate. It is hoped that the regional and local media of all types will work with us to bring these about.
We will provide an chairman or woman, from an previously agreed list prepared under the supervision of Professor the Lord Norton, Chairman House of Lords Constitution Committee.

Each side will be asked to provide a small number of issues which will be debated separately to achieve maximum useful material to assist the public in reaching an informed decision.

The issues that are supported by facts will collected by the chairman / woman and entered in the ElectionsUK web-library for public access at any time.

It is planned to be involved with debates at the National, Labour and Liberal Democrat, Spring Conferences which are to be held in the Region.


Regional Referendum for North West to decide whether to have an "Elected Regional Assembly.
The University of Hull "We have detected no political bias. In our view, The Service offered has been scrupously fair and consistant"
Professor The Lord Norton,
The Northwest Development Agency is responsible for the sustainable economic development and regeneration of England's Northwest and has 5 key priorities: Business Development, Regeneration, Skills & Employment, Infrastructure and Image.
NWRA represent the views of all their stakeholders in the region and promote their interests at a regional strategic level within the North West Regional Assembly.
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