EURO REFERENDUM 2002? / 3? / 4? / Never ??

Shortly, we are told, that all those on the electoral register in the United Kingdom will be asked to decide if we are in agreement with the Government that we join the European Currency "The Euro" or retain the Pound Sterling £. This is a very emotional decision for many as we will be asked to give up the Pound Sterling for ever and hand over to the European Central Bank our currency control.

This site is totally impartial and its aim is to pass over as much information on the issues to enable the voters to make a considered decision on which way to vote.

We will have different areas of the site for the different sides of the argument these will be clearly marked, we will then have FACT pages for information agreed by both sides and a discussion area lead by respected
journalists from each side. It is's intention to then ask a learned academic to give
judgements over the disputed areas of opinion.

The four possible positions appear to be:

1. Pro Europe as a Federation (ie United States of Europe) and Pro Euro
YES Fed. /YES Euro
2. Pro Europe of Independent states and Pro Euro
YES Ind./ YES Euro
3. Pro Europe of Independent states and Pro Sterling
YES Ind / NO Euro
4. Pro the United Kingdom out of Europe and Pro Sterling
NO Europe / NO Euro

As this Referendum is expected to be solely on the Euro Currency, the main emphasis of this site will be on that issue but it is to be expected that the larger issues will be given extra emphasis from time to time.

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